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Rappin' & Mathin'

with Big "J"

Get Your Copy of Big J’S R&B Times Tables

Lyrics by Jeanette Waters  ***  Produced by Douglass Watkins

This CD holds a mix of times tables from 2's all the way up to the 12's!! To hear a free sample of the fives click the link below to listen! To purchase please email or call the contact us. Each times table has a different beat for fun learning:

Big J’S R&B Times Tables CD

$10 (Includes Shipping)

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2 times table - Rap beat

3 times table - Indonesian beat

4 times table - Disco beat

5 times table - Hip-Hop beat

Rhyming Times Tables R&B Music

"Click the arrow to Hear a Free Sample"

Mommy J's Simple Word Attack Skills (coming soon)

6 times table - Slow Jam beat

7 times table - New Age beat

8 times table - Piano beat

9 times table - Old School beat

10 times table - Violin beat

11 times table - Guitar beat

12 times table - Outer Space beat

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